Introducing Clean Water Act Cases

A picture of the Cuyahoga River Fire, sourced from Cleveland Historical, accessed at on March 16, 2018 

In CWACases I'm going to read some Clean Water Act cases (and sometimes some cases that aren't Clean Water Act cases but I think are important anyway), link to the cases, and then explain the key points as clearly and simply as possible. I'm going to try to make the posts short, Aiming for a 1500 word limit (excluding quotations!!), and hopefully provide readers with a helpful resource to understand and reference important Clean Water Act cases. I'm going to remove internal quotations, internal citations and I'm not going to pinpoint cite the case I'm writing about. If you're using CWACases for legal research, you'll get an idea about what the case is about and why its important, but it's not meant to be a replacement for reading the case yourself!

Partly I'm writing CWACases for me, and partly it's for the reader. I am an attorney specializing in the Clean Water Act. I am a member of five bars and I've worked professionally as an environmental attorney for about a decade for small to medium sized environmental non-profits. Hopefully I can provide curation for cases that are important for understanding the field. Maybe that will help you. Hopefully, also, I can brush myself up on cases that I may not remember or understand as well as I would like; maybe I think I know what they mean, but am mistaken or have more to learn. Maybe that will help me.

Someday maybe this blog will have other writers, but for now it's just me, Chris Len, writing about Clean Water Act cases from Montclair, NJ. Thanks for reading!